Top 10 Expensive Sunglasses Brands in the World


sunglasses brands in the world4Sunglasses are important for regular life due to the heat of sun. Sun heat creates troubles while on road travel or anywhere under the open air. Dust is also the main factor for the use of glasses. Summer is the main season for the glasses to shop at markets. Furthermore different expensive sunglasses brands in the world are used as fashion to look attractive and smarter. Personality level automatically increased as the most expensive sunglasses brands in the world are used by the rich people of the world. Stylish sunglasses are more preferred from female side. Firstly lens are developed and then these are fixed into the frames of different metals. These are now personality touching accessory for men and women both. Some more Functions are given below.

Functions of Sunglasses

  • Clear quality of visual and freedom from constraints
  • Protection of Dust and damaging layers of sun
  • Protecting Eyes sight
  • Fashion and attraction
  • Used in Sports and Space journey
  • Hiding eyes during competitions like Poker
  • To hide blind effects

Sunglasses give perfect eye contacting. It can be also used to hide emotional tears from the eyes. Gaming have a technique of eye catching which can be unaccomplished due to Sunglasses to hide their eyes. Mostly people wear these in day time due to sun radiations but now it become a trend and people also wear it at night times.

Top 10 expensive sunglasses brands in the world

Rank Brand Price in USD
1  Chopard De Rigo Vision  407,000
2  Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B  383,612
3  Shiels Jewellers Emerald  200,000
4  CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport  75,130
5  Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond  64,970
6  Maybach “The Diplomat I”  60,070
7  Bulgari Flora  59,800
8  Bentley Platinum  45,280
9  Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond  31,010
10  Lugano Diamonds Sunshades  27,100

Q: Which is the most expensive sunglasses brand in the world?

Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses are the most expensive sunglasses brands in the world. These are made by the Swiss luxury company Chopard as a demanding accessory for the rich people of the world to buy in high amounts. Gold and diamonds are also used for designing. These are stylish, attractive and personality building sunglasses brands all over the world. Most celebrities, actors and rich people wear these sunglasses due to the credit of richness.


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