Top 10 Diamond Producing Countries in the World


diamond producing countriesDiamond is the most expensive stone fetched from mines. 50% of the world diamond productions are delivered from Africa. They are situated in mines which are around 150 km profound into the earth. Diamond producing countries use critical methods for mining and cutting. Pipelines are penetrated into earth to achieve at spots. Blended type of precious stones take out and just around 20% is unique for diamond production. That blended harsh structure is then goes to Central Selling Organization. Which is the offering and purchasing point for manufacturers. They purchase unpleasant shape and make it in immaculate to offer. These unpleasant structure stones are currently cut into uncommon nations which have the assets. They cut these precious stones in distinctive shapes and toward the end shine them for better look. After that long process a few years prior, these diamonds were sold to merchants and stores for clients to purchase. Now in the period of innovation individuals can specifically purchase jewels from producers through web. List of diamond production by country is established by our team in this article.

Major diamond production by country

  • Gem quality synthetic
  • Industrial productions
  • Champagne Diamonds
  • White diamonds

Precious stones are most costly and valuable for the entire world. Diamond producing countries have the most valuable resource to build their country economical condition. Individuals make rings, jewelry and other adornments to demonstrate his/her magnificence or wealth. Diamonds are not discovered infrequently. All African nations have low economy however because of precious stone generation they have some increment. Africa is the largest diamond producer in the world and still there are numerous stores to be discovered and take out.

Top 10 Diamond Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Billion $
1  Russia  2.35
2  Botswana  1.50
3  Canada  1.45
4  Angola  1.21
5  South Africa  0.90
6  Nambia  0.40
7  Australia  0.30
8  Congo  0.24
9  Lesotho  0.15
10  Sierra Leone  0.10

Q: Which country is the largest diamond producer in the world?

Russia has the 1st rank in the list of diamond producing countries on the planet when contrasted with other nation. It deliver 23% of the world aggregate creation. Yet, continent Africa is the greatest maker than different landmasses of world. Russia has the biggest area zone which is the primary favorable position for him over different nations yet they need to expand their populace to build workforce.


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