Top 10 Cucumber Producing Countries in the World


To know the answer of which country has the highest cucumber production see the list of cucumber producing countries given in the article. Cucumber is a fruit grown from the ground used as a vegetable.

It was derived from watermelon. It is essentially in the South Asia and now grown in all nations of the world. The shape of the natural fruit is around 8 inch long and 3 inch width with green color.

Largest cucumber producer countries are producing diverse colors in distinctive shapes. It is fourth biggest producing vegetable on the planet, which is likewise useful for human’s well being.

It has Nutrition, Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Trace Metals, high in cell reinforcement and have 95 percent water. Eat cucumber rather than espresso and enhance your well being. It is cool for human body and disintegrate the waste materials from the body like stones in stomach or kidney.

Additionally forestall illnesses like diabetes and joints torment. Largest cucumber producer countries have a great anti-disease fruit. Cucumber juice utilized for delicate heals and great smell from mouth. List of world cucumber production by country is maintained in this post.

Cucumber Producing Countries
Cucumber Producing Countries

Cucumber production in the world

  • Slicing
  • Pickling
  • Burpless

Cucumber producing countries use it with their daily routine meal. It is utilized for eyes and face as the ladies cut the cucumber and put on the face for good delicate and clean skin. Eyes stay dynamic and prevent the dark circles and swellings around the eyes.

Likewise utilized for velvety, long, sparkle hair, and battles against the sun raises which impact on face skin, and shield the body from warmth. Fiber is rich, which counteracts constipation and digesting issues.

Utilized as a part of hot climate to cool the body and reduce the fever issue. Inflammation is a disease which makes swellings however cucumbers lessen it and useful for tissues and cells.

Uproots diverse sorts of tumors of human body. It likewise slaughters the microscopic organisms from body and gives clean breath. It is utilized for weight reduction, digestion, circulatory strain, muscles, makes solid joints and dependably keeps the body hydrate because of enough water.

Top 10 Cucumber Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Production (Tonnes)
1  China  40,712,630
2  Iran  1,813,490
3  Turkey  1,743,470
4  Russia  1,165,830
5  US  886,480
6  Ukraine  860,000
7  Spain  685,670
8  Egypt  633,600
9  Japan  590,730
10  Indonesia  550,300
Total  World  57,545,750

Q: Which is the highest cucumber producer country in the world?

China has the 1st rank in the list of cucumber producing countries on the planet. It produce about 40,709,556 tons. Iran, Turkey and Russia are also the big producers. Cucumbers are less in price and rich in energy. These are known for its prevention of stones from the body.


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