Top 10 Countries with the most Powerful Army in the World


most powerful army in the worldArmy is the defense manpower force to secure the nation from outsider’s invasions. Every year a big part of country budget is given to military to increase the power level. Wars and other operations also take extra budget to cover the requirements. A large quantity and high quality of war personnel make a perfect military for a nation to stand against the enemies. Countries with the most powerful army strengthen the overall power index of nation. Training is the main part for any male or female to become a soldier of state. Perfect instructors produce the best soldiers. Weapons had a major part to enhance the power level. Latest technology weapons are used by advanced nations for better defense.

How to find most powerful army in the world?

  • Expending budget for advancements
  • Most army personnel
  • Training and fitness
  • Weapons and equipment’s
  • Modern warfare machines and tanks
  • Experience and past history

Army history had been started from the Indian Indus Valley Civilization. Later Chinese were afraid of Mongols attacks and they build the Great wall and army personnel for defense. Sparta was the ever most dangerous warrior of swards and shields. They were trained like animals to become strong and firm in their attacks. After that the Roman Empire came into being with large warriors and Europe became the battle field.

Top 10 Countries with the most Powerful Army in the World

Rank Country Name Power Index
1  United States of America  953
2  Russia  897
3  China  885
4  India  769
5  United Kingdom  764
6  France  748
7  Germany  732
8  Turkey  721
9  Pakistan  720
10  Israel  715

Q: Which country has the most powerful army in the world?

United States of America has the most powerful army in the world. A large amount of budget is declared to overcome the weaknesses. They have the technology and most active manpower. Their soldiers are well trained and highly armed with different equipment of attack and defense. They have fought many wars with different nations. In every situation they always succeed due to their quality of planning and warfare technology.


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