Top 10 Countries With The Most Internet Users In The World


The Internet is the system which connects the whole humans on a single platform to get knowledge. It is the social platform providing many tracks to follow which are beneficial. At the age of globalization, the world is so fast. The Internet makes it go easier, fast and vast. Now the people have huge scope for their challenges, bright future and dreams to accomplish.

But I need wisdom, proper planning, and well-managed organizing to achieve our destination that our dreams come true. To accomplish our dreams, it is the only system which is providing everything.

There are no restrictions of country, religion, color, language or cast. People can communicate to other country people freely. List of country with most number of internet users in the world is established in this section of the website.

Internet Users
Internet Users

Major internet services

  • World Wide Web
  • Data Transfer
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Information Technology

Internet has many major services which made the life easy and proper. These services have the fast and quick response. People are connected worldwide to share their knowledge and views. Now more than 40 percent people in the world has the advance technology. Asia has the most number of internet users due to its large population statistics. South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed in the world.

Top 10 Countries with the most Internet Users in the World

Rank Country Name Users
1 China  618,110,570
2 United States of America  266,441,381
3 India  184,340,756
4 Japan  109,755,903
5 Brazil  103,720,362
6 Russia  87,495,561
7 Germany  68,131,573
8 Nigeria  65,675,964
9 United Kingdom  56,954,305
10 France  54,027,582

Q: Which country has the most internet users in the world?

China has the most number of internet users by country. They have fast browsing speed to handle big population. It is the wonder of the modern world. Now the world is changing dramatically with new advancement.

China has 45 percent users from their whole population. China is growing in the computer science which will help to increase the computer usage rate. Iceland has the highest percentage of worldwide web usage figures.


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