Top 10 Countries with the most Air Pollution


Countries with the most Air PollutionAir pollution is the dust particles in the atmosphere. Many injurious stuff are also included in these dust particles. Urban areas are the most effected with air pollution causing serious diseases due to dirty air breathing by human. And that situation is getting worse. Other living beings like animals and plants are also badly affected. According to different reports millions of people cause death every year due to most air pollution in the world. Gases and liquids are also included in the atmosphere. Source of that pollution can be natural but most of the pollution is created by humans. Industrial revolution was also the start of highest air pollution rate. Industries emission many gases and chemical particles which got mixed with air. Urban areas have heavy traffic running on highways and streets. From the last few years air pollution is increasing due to industrial development and heavy traffic. List of worst air polluted countries in the world are described in the table below.

Top 10 Countries with the most Air Pollution in the World

Rank Country Name Pollution (ug/m3)
1  Pakistan 101.34
2  Qatar  91.68
3  Afghanistan  82.45
4  Bangladesh  80.63
5  Iran  78.51
6  Egypt  75.96
7  Mongolia  65.73
8  UAE  62.24
9  India  60.73
10  Bahrain  58.06

Q: Which country has the worst air pollution in the world?

Pakistan has the worst air pollution in the world. Industries have no process of safe excretion that would not harm the air quality. Government has not provided any well transport system for public to travel. People have privately owned vehicles running on roads. Cities have heavy traffic jams and pollution level increased worst.


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