Top 10 Countries with the highest Murder Rate in the World


highest Murder RateMurder is action of killing someone with no such justice. Highest murder rate in society entirely destroy the environment of living. Modern developments are the best resources to the future world. New inventions are being made as per time and requirement. All these luxury things are for the development of humanity but the ethics and manner are seriously destroyed toward the future. Individuals are selfish even if they harm the other. Murdering the humans is one of the major alarming situations in the society. Killers are strictly punished and then hanged for that brutal act. But to these actions humanity suffers a lot. Strict policies, police, education and religion can end that brutal act on humanity. Highest murder rate countries are always dangerous for people to live. So, they migrate to other areas for better quality of life. Uneducated, less developed and poor nations have high murder stats. List of world murder rates by country is maintained in this post.

Degree of murdering

  • Intentional killing
  • Without ambition of killing
  • Hiring passion killers
  • Unintentional

There are many situations causing highest homicide rate in the world. Robbery cases involve the most murder cases when thief rob the wealth and kill the people to have no clues behind for police. Highly educated countries have less murdering cases as compare to developing countries. So, one thing is cleared that crime activities can be controlled by giving them ethical, moral and religious education.

Top 10 Countries with the highest Murder Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Murders/100,000
1  Honduras  81.75
2  El Salvador  65.48
3  Cote d’Ivoire  55.63
4  Jamaica  54.28
5  Venezuela  50.71
6  Belize  43.46
7  Guatemala  42.85
8  Saint Kitts and Nevis  40.35
9  Zambia  39.96
10  Uganda  38.63

Q: Which country has the highest murder rate in the world?

Honduras has the highest homicide rate in the world. It is situated in Central America with population of round about 8 million. Crime rate is highly increased in the society. 81.75 out of 1000,000 people are yearly murdered in that small land of criminals. Robbery, fight conflicts and gangs has a strong disturbance in the country. As Honduras is beautiful country to visit but tourists from many countries are also affected by the criminals.


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