Top 10 Countries with most Universities in the World


countries with most universitiesUniversity is the learning place, where millions of people are studying. Learning expand the human mind to explore the things as per time and need. Countries with most universities in the world are developing the human behaviors and their thinking ability. University is the research place or institutions for high level education. It provide degree to students after their completion in study. Students invent new things to show their hard work and experience. Students are registered in university after completing their basic study in school and college. Now modern age has begun and no one will remain without getting their graduation degree. Countries are providing facilities of learning by constructing government or private universities. In the ancient times, swords and guns were used to overcome the other nation but as time passed education replaced them. It’s the age of table talk and universities are producing best leaders and debater. Italy, England and Spain were the first countries who made the institutions for education on the big level. These countries created a sense of thinking among the common people. Other countries impressed with common people becoming their heroes to be followed. That impression has impressed the other countries to make their educational institutes which called as University. Europeans started to construct the educational institutes and then Americans, Australian, Asian and African respectively do the same for human behaviors and progress of the country. Budgets are declared every year as per country economic condition and education gets a large part in countries with most universities in the world. Most advanced technology universities has further impressed the developing countries to make such institutions. Country with highest number of universities in the world is displayed below in a list.

Top 10 Countries with most Universities in the World

Rank Country Name No. of Universities
1  India  8410
2  USA  5762
3  Argentina  1709
4  Spain  1417
5  Mexico  1343
6  Bangladesh  1270
7  Indonesia  1239
8  Japan  1226
9  France  1064
10  China  1057

Q: Which country has the most universities in the world?

India has the highest number of universities in the world. They have a large population and their country is developing fast due to high educational environment. Indian people are not much educated but they are now building institutions for education and want to compete with the other developed countries. They have largest Information Technology departments working online in offices. Countries with most universities in the world have a leading role to progress in every field of life.


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