Top 10 Countries with most Traffic Accidents in the World


most Traffic Accidents in the WorldCars and heavy vehicles are running on roads for travelling. Long range of distances are easily achieved in less time and energy. As there are many benefits of technology. The other hand is fatal. Road accidents are causing large number of deaths as per many researches and surveys. A list of countries with most traffic accidents is maintained is this article. High populated nations have the main problem of transport management. Large traffic disturbs the cities environment and causes deaths. Motor vehicle collisions are harmful events which occur due to high transport, over speed or less experience. Rules and laws are made for driver’s protection. The one who don’t follow are mostly get through traffic collisions. Drivers may collide with pedestrians, animals or other vehicles. These deadly collisions cause numerous deaths and injuries. Motorcycles are injurious for speed driving. Cities have the large number of motorcycle injuries. Road ways are heavily involved for these situations. Dangerous driving tracks for travelers are seeking for such collides.

Most traffic accidents causes

  • Over speeding
  • Use of mobile phones
  • Use of alcohol
  • Heavy traffic
  • Dangerous roads

More than 60 million people are injured yearly due to traffic accidents. Deaths are occurred in high amount. And these accidents are increasing in the next years due to increase rate in traffic. Middle class countries have the most traffic accidents rate. National impact has the main effect on the citizen’s problems. Developed nations have high salaries which creates no tenseness for living. They live happy life and travel to different destination. Traffic accidents and other death causing environments disturbs the human’s life and expectations.

Top 10 Countries with most Traffic Accidents in the World

Rank Country Name Accidents fatality/latest year
1 People’s Republic of China  261,422
2  India  239,751
3  Brazil  40,762
4  Indonesia  38,237
5  Nigeria  35,460
6  United States of America  34,385
7  Russia  26,974
8  Pakistan  26,146
9  Iran  24,361
10  Thailand  24,143

Q: What country has the most traffic accidents in the world?

According to total number of statistics every year People’s Republic of China has the most traffic accidents. World Health Organization and other departments have the measured the figures on the base of road accidents. China has the major vehicle producing industries in the world. Mega cities are the leading road fatalities. High transport on highways and streets is confirming harmful events.

most Traffic Accidents in the World54


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