Top 10 Countries with most Nobel Prize Winners


Dr. Francis Crick's Nobel Prize Medal on Heritage AuctionsNobel Prize is the most popular honor award on the planet. It is reported every year by the Norwegian and Swedish Committee to the best performer from the entire world. List of most Nobel Prize winning countries in the world is mentioned in the post. It is not the regular accomplishment, it is the Global best Award. It is the indication of dedicated and astute personality. Individuals try their hardest occupation in particular fields to get that grant. These all decoration are given by Norway and Sweden because these are originators of these prizes. Peace award is based upon creating peace internally and externally and strategies of war preventing in the society. Highest level achieved among the different nominees is included in the world Nobel Prize winners with respect and honor. The ceremony of awards is held in Stockholm every year. Award can be given to a whole organization or on individual bases. The first prize was given in 1901 later it became the culture and honor of the world to receive such award.

Nobel prize is awarded in how many fields?

  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Peace
  • Chemistry
  • Physiology

Awards are given in these 5 fields to people from the whole world countries with best accomplishment consistently by Norway and Sweden Nobel Prize Organization. All the nations have much rivalry to get all prizes to their natives to demonstrate their insight and aptitudes. Royal Personalities of Sweden have the authority to manage all the Nobel Prize winners. Norway has also the big contribution as they award the Peace Medal every year on the platform of Swedish Royal Settlement.

Top 10 Countries with most Nobel Prize Winners in the World

Rank Country Name Award Winners
1  USA  348
2  UK  120
3  Germany  100
4  France  60
5  Sweden  28
6  Switzerland  24
7  Russia  22
8  Canada  22
9  Japan  21
10  Austria  21

Q: Which country has the highest Nobel Prize winners in the world?

United States of America has topped the Nobel Prize winning countries. Their people are well educated and developers of new inventions. Technological, medical and scientifically they are very powerful to beat other nation’s advancements. They had got about 348 Prizes and took them on the 1st Rank. UK and Germany are also one of most award winners.


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