Top 10 Countries with most Natural Resources in the World


most Natural Resources by countryResource is the necessity to fulfil the needs. Natural resources are the gift by the Almighty God to humans. These have equal rights for humans to grab them for their benefits. A perfect economic system of a nation gives equal distribution of wealth among the humans. From sunlight to diamonds all the necessities of humans are the God gifted resources. These also includes water, animals, forests, minerals etc. Soils are used for cultivation of crops, vegetables and fruits. These are the basic need of people to live in this world. But as time passed oil and coal became the demanding assets for machines and industries. To get these things firstly we need to dig them from the earth or mountains. That process is called mining. Mined products are further processed in the industries to make them original. List of resource rich countries in the world is displayed in this blog.

Natural resources categories

  • Living natural stock
  • Non-living things
  • Renewable assets
  • Non-renewable assets

Natural resources are differentiate in two methods. Living animals and birds spread and further produced. Metals are limited to use and cannot spread itself, so called non-living. Moreover some resources have the ability to reproduce itself in quick time. But metals and oil have no such reproduction methods. Resource rich countries have best chances to boost their economy and progress.

Top 10 Countries with most Natural Resources in the World

Rank Country Name Natural Resources Worth in Trillion USD
1  Russia  74.81
2  United States  45.62
3  Saudi Arabia  33.53
4  Canada  33.67
5  Iran  28.15
6  China  23.71
7  Brazil  21.28
8  Australia  20.27
9  Iraq  14.94
10  Venezuela  14.57

Q: Which country has the highest natural resources in the world?

Russia has the most natural resources in the world. They have large land and coastal area. Assets are widely hidden in all over the earth. Russia is the most natural gas producer country. Large area is covered with forests used to make timber. Oil is extracting from the deep inside of earth. Mountains are rich with coal reserves. Yet a large amount of coal is being extracted from the mountain with big machinery.


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