Top 10 Countries With Most Mobile Phone Users in the World


Although it has been on the market for several decades, it was not until the end of the 90s / beginning of the new century that mobile telephony became available to the mass public thanks to brands such as Nokia.

In 2007 came smartphones or smartphones, and from then until now, the mobile has gone from being a curiosity to a useful tool to finally be what it is today: an essential element in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

Mobile Phone is the communication device, which is used to communicate to each other in own or different countries for any purposes. Most mobile phone users country have large communication network.

Countries List of Mobile Phone Users
Countries List of Mobile Phone Users

It is a hand held device. It converts the voice into waves which travel through air and then again converts it into voice to understand. In ancient age it was only used for calling but now we can do SMS, MMS and mails to our friends and relatives.

The first Mobile was discovered in 1973. Now there is a variety of mobiles using now a days in the whole world like iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Q mobile etc. All the things on earth have benefits and Drawbacks too.

As we know that it communicate the people so, you can contact with your friends and family. When you are sick and any problem you can call others for help. Now fathers have no tension due to mobiles because they remain contact with their children. List of world mobile phone by country is mentioned in this blog for interested people.

Top mobile phone users brands

  • Samsung.
  • Apple inc.
  • Huawei.
  • Microsoft.

In modern mobiles you can take picture for old days. We can also watch songs and radio and make fun. Through mobile we can use internet and can do emails and also play games on it in free time for enjoyment.

People use it in their business, trading and remain alert from any news in the world with new modern applications. World mobile phone by country increased to high levels of communication.

Talking too much is a main drawback and Doing SMS, MMS and playing games on it. They waste their important time in unimportant work. Schools boys have no need of mobiles but they use commonly in classroom and home. Now criminals are using mobiles for crimes, blasts and killings.

Top 10 Countries with most Mobile Phone Users in the World

Rank Country Name Users
1  People Republic of China  1,342,745,738
2  India  960,745,756
3  United States of America  327,634,473
4  Brazil  278,745,836
5  Russia  256,946,463
6  Indonesia  236,835,836
7  Nigeria  167,465,476
8  Pakistan  140,473,434
9  Bangladesh  124,484,493
10  Japan  121,538,863
Total  World  7,152,464,395

Q: Which is the largest mobile phone user country in the world?

China has the largest number of mobile phone users about 1,046,510,000 phones due to its 1.351 billion populations which is also the largest in the whole world. India and United States of America are also the largest mobile users in the world.


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