Top 10 Countries with most Militarized Society in the World


most militarized society in the worldMilitarization indicates the tendency of people to military. It is a group of heavily trained personnel based on nationalism. Most militarized society keeps the strong hold across the borders in the world. The main role of military is to secure the boarders from the outsider’s disturbance. It is controlled under the rulers of nation with a General. Military is categorized into three main categories army, air-force and navy. It is used to create the peace inside the society in dangerous situations. These armed forces can challenge any difficulties for the favor of their country honor. Military also help the people in flood or earthquake situation when people are dying and crying for help. Internal problems and affairs which became highly alarmed are further handled by armed forces. These societies had very strong impact on other countries due to their high tendency in fighting. List of most militarized countries in the world is stated in this post.

Militarized Organization

  • Personnel
  • Surveillance Agencies
  • Administration
  • Financial management

Global Militarization Index describes the perfect figures for the most militarized society countries in the world. That measures the same parameters for any country. Analyzing the GDP with respect to military expenses. Defining the medical expenses for the personnel. Figuring out the ratio of military personnel against the total number of population. Taking notice about the amount of weapons availability in the country. These all parameters are measured to get the figures for most militarized countries in the world.

Top 10 Countries with most Militarized Society in the World

Rank Country Name GMI Value
1  Israel  831.746
2  Singapore  800.839
3  Armenia  782.638
4  Syria  773.520
5  Russia  760.395
6  Cyprus  757.452
7  South Korea  756.024
8  Jordan  748.442
9  Greece  746.825
10  Azerbaijan  746.482

Q: What is the most militarized country in the world?

Israel is the most militarized society in the world according to the Global Militarization Index. That is thread to the humanity. Militarization leads to fighting and violence. Israel occupied the area of Palestine and started creating violence in the Muslim world. After some years they gained the hold of that land leaving the Gaza strip of Palestinian people. Even now, soldiers are walking everywhere in the streets of Israel. They petrol night and day to secure the occupied areas.


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