Top 10 Countries With Most Inventions in the World


An invention is an outcome of any idea, device, method or composition of a process. It may be a new development or further improvement of the existing design and development. Most inventions in the world leads the humanity toward the perfect life cycle.

The person who usually invents or produces an idea, product of outcome that has effective use is known as inventor. His invention may reflect the success or failure of his invention. Different scientists around the globe have come up with several developments and these have completely changed the humans.

Inventions are protected by the patents that help the inventors to claim his right for the use or further distribution of any product. However, any person can use the patient by seeking permissions of the inventor by mutually agreeing on the terms and conditions of use of the invention for personal or commercial use.

Invention is also important in legal manner and law protects it through intellectual property rights act. United States has largest inventors globally and there is more development going on in the country in the field of science and technology. List of highest number of inventions by country is available in this section.

Famous Inventions around the World

  • Airplane
  • Wireless Communication
  • Electric Cars
  • Submarines
  • Internet and WWW

Airplane is the great invention so far and it has transformed the world. It has become one of the largest transportation systems and helps us to travel across the globe in hours. Wireless communication is another type of communication system and modern communication systems have helped us to communicate and connect to rest of the world.

Electric cars are mostly used in the Japan which has less expense of usage. Submarines have most powerful attack missile systems to destroy the enemy lines. Developing such military weapons lead to high budget. These are the most innovative countries in the world which have most inventors in the world.

Most Invention
Most Invention

Top 10 Countries with most Inventions in the World

Rank Country Name % of Inventions
1  United States of America  45.34
2  Japan  15.85
3  South Korea  6.34
4  Germany  5.78
5  Taiwan  4.12
6  China  3.34
7  France  2.86
8  United Kingdom  2.09
9  Canada  1.79
10  India  1.13

Q: Which country has the most inventions in the world?

United States of America has the highest number of inventions by country. As industrial revolution takes place, US had the best technology institutes. At that time United States had the most scientists working on different inventions.

But after the computer revolution US leave behind all the countries in the race of innovation and technology. Internet, World Wide Web and Facebook were the mind blowing invention of Information technology. At that time most inventions in the world take place in United States due to their quality education and platforms.


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