Top 10 Countries With Most Hackers In The World


Hacker is a person who is the computer expert and has complete knowledge of the field of equipment. Hacking is a broad term and has many moral and ethical connotations. Most hackers in the world are alternatively called as computer programmers or system experts who design systems, understand logic and use artificial intelligence to malign computer security or network access.

Top cyber hackers intentionally break computer security to steal information, money and other vital information for their benefit. They exploits computer safety and breaks into the sensitive systems through programming and various computer techniques. It can be for any reason for the purpose like hobby, enjoyment or profit. However, it’s hard to differentiate between the division of ethical and unethical hacking.

Hackers focus on a mechanism to access computer networks and use hit trial to gain illegal access to the security. There are lots of recognized top cyber hackers around the world and law has imposed several penalties on illegal hacking. Hacking has become a most advanced tool in the society today.

Hackers In The World
Hackers In The World

Hacking is morally and ethically dangerous. To know where do most computer hackers come from see the figures of top 10 hacking countries in the world given in this post.

Hackers History, Classification, and Techniques

  • History
  • Classification
  • Security Exploits
  • Consequences

The concept of hacking was first introduced in 1980 through the film. However, the first program was launched in the computer games. Top 10 hacking countries have different classifications including white hat, black hat, and gray hat. A white hacker hacks the security system through penetration into the system through various tests.

The black hat is a hacker who breaks computer security for personal gains, and it becomes a criminal act.

Similarly, the gray hat is another technique of computer hacking. There are different kinds of security tools used by cyber hackers such as vulnerability scanner, brute-force attack, password cracking and rootkit.

There are different punishments for the criminal act of hacking, and they are penalized by the courts worldwide under different laws.

Top 10 Countries with most Hackers in the World

Rank Country Name % of Hackers
1  China  40.98
2  United States  10.54
3  Turkey  4.73
4  Russia  4.32
5  Taiwan  3.88
6  Brazil  3.63
7  Romania  2.65
8  India  2.32
9  Italy  1.85
10  Hungry  1.60

Q: Which country has the most hackers in the world?

China has the most hackers in the world. They have the upper hand on online activities to catch the others benefits. Hackers work against the law of government in China and grab the opportunities. Data stored on different places can be easily hacked if user do any mistake regarding hacker. They make a trap for internet users to be involved in it. After being trapped hacker can easily access their data. China has vast programming and information technology business.


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