Top 10 Countries with most Fighter Jets


most fighter jets in the worldJets had been used anciently for decades for means of transportation as well as for the primary weapons in the wars. Every Military Organization of the world has a vast fleet of air strike to create its dominance in the world. Advance countries are trying to excel in the development of most fighter jets. In modern warfare, there is a significant reliance of army on the air strike because of the capabilities to invade enemies in the open air as well as on the ground. Advanced aircraft have skills to move in speed and hit their targets with precision. Continuous development in the technology has further assisted in the manufacturing of jet planes, and it has made possible to create stealth aircrafts with the capability to be untraceable by the radars. Even most advanced radars are unable to scan the stealth jets in the air. Countries with most advanced fighter jets include China with its super jet J-10, US Air Force F-16, and Russian Jet MiG-35. List with number of fighter aircraft by country is maintained in this article.

Fighter Jets, Specifications, and Technology

  • Ancient Use of Fighter Jets
  • Technology Measurements
  • Capabilities
  • Fifth Generation Manufecturing
  • Modern Warfare Tool

The first use of air fighters was during the First World War-I. In the First World War, two-seater jets used one for the pilot and other for the machine gun carrier. After the World War-I period, countries invested heavily in the development of aircraft and more advanced technology was used. Later on, most fighter jets were made more capable by incorporating advanced features. Today, countries are focusing on 5th generation aircraft which offer more efficiency and low cost of fuel consumption with better performance. War aircrafts are modern warfare tools used in the century.

Top 10 Countries with most Fighter Jets in the World

Rank Country Name Strength in Number
1  United States  2,310
2  China  1,235
3  Russia  757
4  India  683
5  North Korea  461
6  South Korea  407
7  Egypt  338
8  Pakistan  307
9  Taiwan  291
10  Japan  289

Q: Which country has the most fighter jets in the world?

United States of America has the most fighter aircraft by country in the world. Companies are manufacturing most advanced technology fighter aircraft. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are the best companies in United States for heavily armed aircraft development. They are developing 5th generation crafts which are less expensive and high destruction against the enemies. US had a strong contribution in both World Wars as per Air strike. Almost all other countries demand crafts from USA for better defense.


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