Top 10 Countries with most Earthquakes in the World


most earthquakes by countryShaking of earth in certain parts of the world is known as earthquake. It happens due to abrupt release of energy from the earth’s crust creating waves in the belts of the earth. However, most earthquakes vary in intensity and magnitude that can lead to massive destruction and can toss the world at once. It can destroy whole world and despite most architecture development scientist are unable to find any concrete solution to stop massive destruction by disasters. Earthquake can be measured through special sensors called as seismometers. It is measured on Richter scale and intensity of the earthquakes is measured through it. These occur anywhere around the world and there is no specific time for that. Earth has several belts underneath the surface and it moves from time to time according to the pressure of the earth. There are different fault types of earthquakes ranges strikes-slip, normal and reverse. However, it vary in terms of depth and width. Most of the earthquakes form sequences and produces aftershocks since they occur. List of most earthquake prone countries in the world is given in a table.

Most Earthquakes Occurrence

  • Measuring and locating
  • Earthquake effects
  • Major earthquakes
  • Prediction

Technology has made it possible to trace earthquake before their occurrence and with the help of seismometers they can locate it up to long distances. Earthquake effects ranges from mild to severe but it can put devastating effects on the earth. It brings mass destruction of assets and human lives. Earthquakes are felt worldwide creating chaos and loss over the world. Scientists are working day and night to develop equipment to completely predict the earthquake before it gets too late to do remedial measures.

Top 10 Countries with most Earthquakes in the World

Rank Country Name Capital
1  Indonesia  Jakarta
2  Japan  Tokyo
3  Nepal  Kathmandu
4  India  New Delhi
5  Ecuador  Quito
6  Philippines  Manila
7  Mexico  Mexico City
8  Tonga  Nukuʻalofa
9  China  Beijing
10  Iran  Tehran

Q: Which country has the most earthquakes in the world?

Indonesia has top the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Highest magnitude earthquakes had came and destroyed the cities and towns. 9.1 magnitude remained the highest for Indonesia. That large part of nation receives the most earthquake prone. Indonesia has high population density and people suffers a lot with such disasters. Volcano are also there which cause much disaster during shaking of earth.


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