Top 10 Countries with most Arable Land in the World


arable land by countryArable land has the capability to farm the agricultural products. These lands are regularly farmed with seasonal crops, vegetables etc. It does not include the grazing land. One third of the agricultural area is used as arable land. That other two third land is covered with grazing fields for animals. These grazing fields are not farmed due to unsupported landscapes. According to different surveys farming area is decreasing gradually from past few decades. Pollution remained the main cause for that cause. Experts have also said that it could be a very dangerous in future to get the food for big population. Soils are being damaged by unfriendly environment behaviors that are being created by industries. These industries are creating pollution that damage the high soil lands to farm the agricultural products. Fertilizing the land with large amount regularly cause for unhealthy soils. World arable land by country is mentioned in this section of website.

Top 10 Countries with most Arable Land in the World

Rank Country Name Arable land (km2)
1 United States  1,649,873
2  India  1,451,651
3  China  1,386,115
4  Russia  1,175,352
5  Brazil  586,784
6  Australia  468,623
7  Canada  415,958
8  Ukraine  324,352
9  Nigeria  300,624
10  Argentina  274,697

Q: Which country has the most arable land in the world?

United States of America has the highest area of arable land in the world. They farm different kind of crops to build their economy and provide food to people. Fertilizing the high amounts leads to high production level. United States have advance methods and machines to farm the products easily and get high production rates.


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