Top 10 Countries with most Aircraft Carriers in the World


An aircraft carrier is the most advance technology war technique ship. Most of the earth is surrounded by water. Oceans leads to a large area for battle fields. Land areas have airbases for planes to fly. Now latest technology has introduced the aircraft carrier which results the airbase for planes. These are mostly used for war crafts. List of countries with most aircraft carriers are mentioned in this post. Air base in the ocean has highly armed crafts to fight. These crafts can be choppers or high speed planes. Carrier ships have the capability of giving arms and recovery facility to aircrafts. That is the critical technology to build. Size varies between different models and nations developments. Speed is main achievement for these ships to response wide areas. Largest carriers have the most capacity for aircrafts. Developing these is the most expensive achievement. Only highly developed and powerful countries have that technology.

Some types of most aircraft carriers

  • Balloon carriers in 1850s
  • Amphibious assault ship
  • Nuclear Powered Warships
  • Fleet carrier
  • Super-carrier

Powerful country navies are using and developing various kind of war craft holding ships. Categorized according to size and the holding aircraft type. United States have the nuclear powered carriers that have the capability of around 100 war crafts at a time. These are the largest aircraft carriers in the world. Defense has a high level for that technology which can defeat enemies. World War II remained the best historical event for the war craft carrier from different nations.

Top 10 Countries with most Aircraft Carriers in the World

Rank Country Name Aircraft Carriers
1  USA  76
2  UK  44
3  Japan  23
4  France  13
5  Russia  9
6  India  4
7  Spain  4
8  Australia  4
9  Canada  3
10  Italy  2

Q: Which country has the most aircraft carriers in the world?

United States of America has the most aircraft carriers in the world. They have the high budget and talented engineers to develop such technologies. Nimitz-class ships are the most famous among all. They have large space and runway for planes. Different companies are building such military ships to enhance the power level of USA. International roughness made by different nations against USA is handled by these carriers. These are best enemy responding ships in the oceans.



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