Top 10 Countries with Lowest Rainfall in the World


Lowest Rainfall in the WorldRain is extremely important natural gift which is the basic need for humans to live. Best resource for fresh water to be collected and used for cultivation, animals etc. Fertile lands of Asia get boost to their agricultural production after rain period. As rain is the most important need but there are countries with least amount of rainfall in the world. These nations are mostly from African Sahara desert. Water has gone to their most challenging objects of life. Firstly they need the clean and fresh water to drink. They even can’t get the water to drink then how they can cultivate crops and vegetables? These are the countries with lowest rainfall in the world. We are going to show you that which is the driest country in the world? The statistics are described as per lowest annual rainfall in the world.

Effects of low rainfall

  • Low agricultural Productivity
  • Unavailability of fresh water
  • No water Storage in Lakes and Dams
  • Hot and dry weather
  • Very low level to get water

Lowest rainfall countries cannot get the all advantages which other countries have. They need the water to live and compete the world. They have no rivers, lakes or dams due to least amount of rain. To achieve this, wells were dug up. People from long ranges come to take the water on camels. They have very hard life. Lowest rainfall countries are the most dried and hot. Summer remain the most challenging season for the people of least rainfall area in the world.

Top 10 Countries with Lowest Rainfall in the World

Rank Country Name Per Year (mm)
1  Egypt  50
2  Libya  55
3  Saudi Arabia  58
4  Qatar  73
5  UAE  78
6  Bahrain  83
7  Algeria  88
8  Mauritania  92
9  Jordan  110
10  Kuwait  120

Q: Which country has the lowest annual rainfall in the world?

Egypt has the lowest rainfall in the world. But surprisingly they have the Nile River. Which is coming from the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt is located in Sahara desert of Africa. Due to Nile River they have some good agricultural and power production. Otherwise many low rain country have no access to get water. Their whole civilization is around that river. So you can imagine the value to rain.

Lowest Rainfall in the World 2


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