Top 10 Countries with lowest Literacy Rate in the World


lowest literacy rate

Education is the right for men and women to get skills of reading and writing. Literacy rate calculates the people over 15 years of age. A literate person must have basic skills of reading, writing and calculating the numbers at small level. People are getting master degrees in specific fields of interest. But poor countries have no such facilities for everyone. Lowest literacy rate in the world mostly belongs to poorest nations. People just earn money which they only use to live and eat. Many children have not even attended their school in their life time. People work at wages and ask their children to work with them. That all situation is due to no support from government. Governments in many countries are not giving the basic humans rights to their citizens. They do not have much resources to earn wealth and study. Low Literate countries are far behind the literate nations. Surveys are conducted by different organizations every year to calculate the literacy rate by country. Now the world literacy rate is more than 86 percent. Which is further contrasted as developed nation and developing nations. List of lowest literacy rate countries are established here to show you the perfect figures where education is at the worst level.

Top 10 Countries with lowest Literacy Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Literacy Rate
1  South Sudan  27.74
2  Mali  28.06
3  Afghanistan  28.36
4  Niger  29.87
5  Sierra Leone  35.42
6  Chad  36.84
7  Burkina Faso  36.48
8  Somalia  37.63
9  Senegal  39.79
10  Guinea  42.53

Q: Which country has the lowest literacy rate in the world?

South Sudan has the least literacy level in the world. Country is not providing the facilities of education for children. It has recently got independence in 2011. Before that South Sudan was in war situation for 5 decades. That violence was the main reason that have not let the people to get education. After the independence children moved toward the schools and now more than 27 percent people are literate which is still the worst. One more decade is required to promote the education level in the new generation and prevent the violence.


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