Top 10 Countries with Largest Forest Area in the World


Forest is the land of trees and green plants which grow and humans get oxygen from them, so these are very important for humans. List of countries by forest area is established in this article to get the knowledge about plantation.

Plants absorb the hydrogen and reveal the oxygen which is much needed for humans to live. Forests make country cool and clear. Air remains clean with no dust or viruses. People also take benefits from the countries with largest forest area by selling the wood in the timber markets.

Deforestation is increasing in many counties and it is also one of main reason of Global warming. Climate also changes regularly due to forested region and rains are always coming down in different periods.

Green regions also reduce diseases and gives pure clear water which is best for human body. According to research every country should have 25 percent of forested area to get the best environment.

Largest Forest Area in the World
Largest Forest Area in the World

Most endangered forest in the world

  • Indo-Burma
  • New Caledonia
  • Sundaland
  • Philippines
  • Atlantic Forest

Deforestation completely hurt the habitats in most forest land. Habitats including plants, trees, animals and other living beings. People use to get temporary benefits from jungle to cut the wood and sell it into the market. This is majorly in the poor nations where people have nothing to survive except largest forest area. Wood became their first priority to survive. Timber markets have large business globally. Furniture is the main product of wood. Now many countries have very low percentage of forested area which disturbing the climate of the nation.

Top 10 Countries with Largest Forest Area in the World

Rank Country Name km Square
1  Russia  7,762,846
2  Brazil  4,776,547
3  Canada  3,101,256
4  USA  3,030,748
5  China  1,821,493
6  Congo  1,819,572
7  Australia  1,470,194
8  Argentina  945,638
9  Indonesia  884,946
10  India  778,485

Q: Which is the largest forest area country in the world?

Russia is the most forested countries in the world. It has 7,762,846 forested area square km which has covered about 45 percent land of the Russia. Rivers provide the water to these forests. There are many long rivers in Russia including Lena River, Irtysh River, Volga River, Ob River and Yenisei River. Lena is the biggest among all having 4,400 km long length. Russian forests have many kinds of trees including spruce, pine, fir, birch-aspen, larch, stone birch, dwarf pine and broad leaved. Pine and birch-aspen are common and most trees in the Russian forests. Siberian fir is also most grown tree and national tree of Russia.


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