Top 10 Countries with highest Tax Rate in the World


Countries with highest Tax Rate54Tax is the essential part of a country revenue. It is charged to people on their income or business. Services which are provided by government also demand tax. That all tax is collected by government and saved in wealth department for country development. Highest tax rate countries collect the most wealth form their nationality holders. Each person of the country is mandatory to pay taxation. Individuals or organizations who don’t pay taxation are charged with fine or punished. In fact tax is the guarantee of safe life and resources given to citizens by government. Strong system and strict laws take equal actions for getting taxation amount from people. People need facilities to be provided by government which should be done by taxation method. Corrupt government only charge the poor people and they gather less amount. Capitalists take references to get rid of taxes. Most of the developing countries have that problem of injustice. Taxation amount is the capital of natives to be used for their benefits. Strong system and laws are the only solution for getting equality in the society. Highest tax paying countries are well developed and living independently in the world. They can decrease the taxation amount when they gather much wealth to facilitate the people. Highest taxed countries in the world are mentioned here.

Top 10 Countries with highest Tax Rate in the World

Rank Country Name All avg. Taxes %
1  Sweden 41.13
2 Denmark 40.78
3 Finland 40.42
4 Belgium 39.69
5 Chad 38.82
6 France 38.47
7 Netherlands 38.24
8 Germany 37.58
9 Italy 37.24
10 Austria 36.98

Q: Which is the highest tax paying country in the world?

Sweden has the highest tax rate in the world. More than 40 percent of the money charged by government. It seems to be very injustice with the people but government is providing all the facilities in return of that amount. Income taxes are the main source of getting high taxation amounts. Security and services are essential part of people. These are provided by Swedish government in response to charges.


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