Top 10 Countries with highest Standard of Living


highest Standard of LivingStandard of living indicates the richness and happiness with all luxury facilities. It also measures the quality lifestyle, education level and society environment. Getting happiness individually from the nature and development or being amused through the luxury resources personally or publically. Society impacts the most that how the country is delivering the people their lifestyle environment. People satisfaction from life safety is the main thing to measure about the highest standard of living. Safety makes the life delight and calm. Well educated society plays the key role to promote the high class environment where happiness and joy remains the attraction. Employees getting high salaries with extra facilities of cars and homes take the bonus points of living. Family life is the best life for every male and female to live with relations. Socially related societies are the programmed environments for highest standard of living. Government take the major role to keep the people highly standard through their management and provision.

Highest Quality of Life

  • Wealth and Resources
  • Educational Standard
  • Development of country
  • Environment of Society
  • Peace and Pleasure

Life is the gift to live with family and friends. Poor countries have the low standard of living. Their literacy rate is very low mostly in Africa and Asia. They are counted in the low or middle class lifestyle. Lifestyle changed with respect to richness. European and American nations have the wealth to take the luxury pleasures. These rich countries have the highest standard of living according to different Human development and Peace Organizations.

Top 10 Countries with highest Standard of Living in the World

Rank Country Name Living Standard
1  Switzerland  913.73
2  Sweden  906.36
3  Germany  903.59
4  Liechtenstein  897.36
5  Ireland  896.63
6  Canada  896.41
7  New Zealand  893.75
8  United States of America  889.84
9  Netherlands  884.23
10  Australia  880.89

Q: Which country has the highest standard of living in the world?

Switzerland has the highest standard of living in the world. People are well educated and wealthy. Safety and health confirms the most part of best living environment. Country is well developed and naturally astonishing. Tourism is widely spread in the whole nation. Production level is very high to export other countries. Employees are happy with their salaries and luxury life with family. Switzerland is most beautiful, highly educated, developed, rich and peaceful country to visit for enjoyment.

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