Top 10 Countries with highest Rainfall in the World


highest Rainfall 2Rainfall is the natural process from the God who had created the world. Some areas have the highest rainfall in the world but many deserted nations have the least. Here we are going to describe the highest annual rainfall country. As climate varies by location so we can gently see the world map to show the rain aspects. That greenery, lakes and rivers are due to the rainfalls. Rain give prosperity and happy feelings. Environment remain joyful and pleasurable. But on the other hand countries with most rainy days also cause floods which disturb the people and their constructions. These rains become the dangerous part of their life. It’s same with the driest nations who remain longing for rain to fall. Deserts have the toughest life on the earth which have smallest rainfall in the globe. The nation which have four seasons like in Pakistan, India etc. they have the best climate to live. Rains remain normal. People gets the sun heat and coldness as per season.

Benefits of rainfall

  • Agricultural resource
  • Clean atmosphere
  • Rivers and canals
  • Construction of dams
  • Water level and storage

Environmentally rains are very beneficial. It creates rivers and lakes to later use for different things. Utilization of water is very important. Lakes are natural gift to store the water as well as dams which are constructed to produce energy. As water is the main resources, farmers use it for cultivating crops using canals. Crops like rice which demand the most water mostly cultivated in the countries with highest rainfall. Poor water resource nations have tough time to cultivate crops and vegetables.

Top 10 Countries with highest Rainfall in the World

Rank Country Name Average Annual Rainfall (mm)
1  Colombia  3,235
2  Sao Tome and Principe  3,212
3  Papua New Guinea  3,145
4  Solomon Islands  3,032
5  Panama  2,930
6  Costa Rica  2,921
7  Malaysia  2,881
8  Brunei Darussalam  2,731
9  Indonesia  2,711
10  Bangladesh  2,663

Q: Which country has the highest annual rainfall in the world?

Colombia has the highest rainfall in the world which has taken the title of most rainy country in the world. Climate and temperature variation is very little. Rainfalls remain on permanent basis which don’t affect the season to change. July and august are the 2 month which have the low rainfall. These month allow to visitors to travel the Colombia. The coast line of Colombia remain under high rains at regular intervals. These places often remain flooded. Constructions and people are harmed in past which is still the same.

highest Rainfall


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