Top 10 Countries with highest Muslim Population


countries with highest muslim populationIslam is the faith and believers of Islam are called Muslims. Islam spread in the whole world by Muhammad (SAW), the last messenger of Allah almighty. He created the system upon justice and equality between all the humans of world even they were non-Muslims. Last Prophet of Allah challenged the Super powers of that time and later the followers of He (SAW) defeated them. During the four Caliphates Islam spread to the peaks of humankind. The main center of Muslims is Holy Kabba situated in Saudi Arabia. About 50 countries are stated as Muslim nations. Countries with highest Muslim population are mostly in Asia and Africa. Most of the Muslim population is from Asian countries. 23 percent of world population have believe in Islam.

Pillars of Islam

  • Testimony
  • Prayer
  • Alms giving
  • Fasting
  • Pilgrimage

Believe in one Allah almighty, Angels, Revelations, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Companions and the judgement day tells the truth about Muslim faith. By the figures shown by the Pew Research Center Washington D.C. Muslims are the second highest in number about 1.60 billion people which believes in Islam. And Christianity has the highest number of believers in the world. List of countries with highest Muslim population is established by our team to know figures.

Top 10 countries with highest Muslim population

Rank Country Name Population
1  Indonesia  209,125,000
2  Pakistan  176,192,000
3  India  167,413,000
4  Bangladesh  133,541,000
5  Egypt  77,300,000
6  Nigeria  76,991,000
7  Iran  73,572,000
8  Turkey  71,333,000
9  Algeria  34,731,000
10  Morocco  31,942,000

Q: Which country has the largest Muslim population in the world today?

Indonesia is the highest Muslim population country in the world. It has 13 percent of world total Muslim population. Its capital is Jakarta and currency is Rupiah. Asian countries have most importance of religion as compared to other continents of the world. They worshiped many God according to history but Islam is currently the Dominant.


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