Top 10 Countries with highest minimum Wages


highest minimum wages in the worldWages are the payments normally given to labor as per work hours. Labor provide services for limited time period or task. Industries hire large labor power for their production processes. In fact, labor relate with economic production. Wages are calculated as per task or numbers of hours that has been consumed to accomplish the task. Daily working activities are also measured as per the hours spent in the working condition. At the end of the months, people ran out of money due to minimum payments rate in the country. Highest minimum wages countries are keeping up the people morals. Most advanced and richest countries are paying high salaries and on the other hand poor nations have very low payments for workers. Wages are declared as per the economic condition of the country. Mega projects give more amounts to workers. Markets have a main role to set the rates for labors. Workers have tough time now a days to survive because they get the least of the total budget. They have the families to support but small amount of pay just keep them alive for more exams in life. Different organization have conducted many surveys to find the figures on labor payments. Ranking the countries on the base of highest minimum wages is hard job but we have the list of highest wages by country.

Top 10 Countries with highest minimum Wages in the World

Rank Country Name USD per hour
1  Australia  9.535
2  Luxembourg  9.261
3  Belgium  8.560
4  Ireland  8.470
5  France  8,245
6  Netherlands  8.230
7  New Zealand  7.570
8  Germany  7.246
9  Canada  7.228
10  United Kingdom  7.113

Q: Which country has the highest minimum wages in the world?

Australia has the highest wages by country for labor working under industries etc. People get 9.535 USD per hour working on any task. That highest pay per hour attracts the other country people. Migrants prefer to be transferred toward the Australia due to high paying amounts.


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