Top 10 Countries with highest Employment Rate in the World


Ability is the main qualification in many working jobs. Highest employment rate countries have motivational private institutes to encourage the students to get the abilities. In many countries government employments are only available for the richest and approachable people. To get the top jobs local people start their career from bottom line. They are paid nothing more than survival. In European countries women start their career from fashion industry with no payments. People work for no payments to get a reasonable job. After getting internship letter then they may get good job. Highest job opportunities countries have well established learning and then working environment for all the related degree holders. But in other countries people have master degrees in their hands to get jobs but they find only small work in different companies or industries with less pays. Firstly getting experience in small industries and then people will have chance to be hired by the big industries on the base of ability, experience and qualification. But if someone is motivated and hard worker he or she have bigger chance to get well job. Because of the ability distribution in the private and government school. Most the people who get good highly paid jobs studied in the private schools. Mostly medicine jobs got by the students who studied in the private institutions. Getting job for medical student is not difficult but the main difficulty is to get admission in the medical school.

Highest job opportunities departments

  • Judiciary and Administration
  • Police and Military
  • Private and Government Organizations
  • Educational Institutes
  • Health departments

The vast majority of the European nations have offices for the individuals to avail highest job opportunities. They are employed in government establishment and other privately owned businesses to work and acquire cash. Highest employment rate people take a major part to enhance national power. Presently individuals are heading off to the instructive establishments and they need employment offices. In this way, government is making numerous related departments to get jobs. Numerous capable persons made their own particular private associations and offer services to people.

Top 10 countries with highest Employment Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Employment Rate %
1  Iceland  77.94
2  Norway  76.34
3  Netherlands  74.45
4  Denmark  74.12
5  New Zealand  73.54
6  United Kingdom  73.23
7  Sweden  73.12
8  Australia  72.35
9  Austria  71.93
10  Canada  71.84

Q: Which is the highest employment rate country in the world?

Iceland has the world’s highest employment rate of 77.94. People are well educated and nation is giving them facilities to stand with his nation to progress. Government has the main character in Education system and then providing the resources in related fields to people to advance technology and earn money. Switzerland, Denmark and Norway have also the best employment rate in the world.


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