Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World


Countries with highest Divorce Rate65Divorce is a bitter stage of life, and it is a situation when both of the partners are unable to compromise each. Highest divorce rate countries in the world have weak relationships among the family members which break on small issues. It’s a sudden change of sense of stability, breaking the relationship and separating the whole family into parts. Parents don’t consider their children when they go for separation, and ultimately their children suffer from their decision. Children suffer a lot because they need love and attention of both of the parents. It doesn’t only ruin the personality of the children but also put a devastating impact on their lives and career. Breaking the relations is not good, and it creates more problems for both of the partners. Rather than fixing problems by them, the majority of the couples opt for the separation in the western culture and it has become so common. The law allows men and women to seek dissolution if they don’t live together for any reasons. However, the law varies from one country to another. Law has protected the rights of women and men have to compensate women if she want to leave him. See list of divorce rates by country to know what country has the most divorces in the world.

Effects of Divorce on Children

  • Shattered Personality
  • Dropout of School
  • Drug Addicts
  • Involve In Crimes
  • Ruin Children’s Life

Divorce puts serious effects on the personality and mentality of the children. They feel sorry for it because they are labeled with the children of divorced women or men. It spoils their personality, and they get through different periods. They get angry, stressed and feel uncomfortable that furthers spoil their study, and ultimately they get dropouts of the school and colleges. The ratio of drug addiction among such children is relatively high than other kids. They get involved in crimes and ultimately walk away from the ordinary life. Highest divorce rate destroys the relationship, and the whole family suffers due to the separation between the parents.

Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Divorce Percentage
1  Belgium  73.48
2  Portugal  70.15
3  Hungary  69.72
4  Czech Republic  67.81
5  Spain  64.61
6  Luxembourg  63.57
7  Estonia  60.12
8  Cuba  58.29
9  France  56.46
10  USA  54.75

Q: Which country has the highest divorce rate in the world?

Belgium has the highest divorce rate in the world. People are rich and lead a luxurious life but there are no family satisfactions. Individuals marry couple of times and break their relations on small issues of life. They have no strong connections to their relatives and even the parents. It is true if I say that money has the more value than the blood relations in many countries of the world. Belgium has topped in list of divorce rates by country in the world.


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