Top 10 Countries with highest Diabetes Rate in the World


highest diabetes rate by countryDiabetes is a disease caused due to high amount of glucose in the body. Glucose is an energy source for living beings that is mixed in body cells to be consume. Highest diabetes rate people gradually decrease their fitness level. Wounds takes a lot time to disappear. Problem occurs when the body does not consume the proper amount glucose. Due to less consumption, sugar level increases and diabetes increase as well. High sugar rate products can further lead to death of people having high glucose rate. There are some cases in which insulin is used to consume the glucose amount in the human body. When cells were not allowing the sugar to enter, insulin is used to make deal with them. But in other cases insulin don’t work. According to different researches diabetes problem is involved for the most part with other diseases. Global prevalence of diabetes is shown in this post below.

Top 10 Countries with highest Diabetes Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Percentage of population
1  Marshall Islands  35.74
2  Micronesia  33.28
3  Kiribati  25.37
4  French Polynesia  24.95
5  Saudi Arabia  23.62
6  Vanuatu  22.41
7  Kuwait  22.07
8  Bahrain  21.84
9  Mauritius  21.62
10  New Caledonia  20.34

Q: Which country has the highest diabetes rate in the world?

Marshall Islands have the highest percentage of diabetes effected people in the world. People are dieting to get rid of high sugar level. Adults have more than 60 percent diabetes ratio. Few decades ago people were used to eat homeland fruits and vegetables which were less glucose. But as time passed, Marshal Islands became very expensive to buy food due to low production level when population was rising.  Traders exported food from other nations and people got diseased.


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