Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer Rates


highest cancer ratesOnce, cancer was considered as a rare disease, but it has become so common today. Highest cancer rates in the world are the major death causing. It is a disease which involves cell growth that can potentially harm the other parts of the body. It first becomes tumor, if it is not treated in time, then it can become dangerous and spread to the whole body. There are several signs and symptoms including bowel movements, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough and even unexpected weight loss. World cancer statistics shows more than 100 types and it affects human differently. The only solution to save you from such disease is early diagnosis and timely treatment. Everyday millions of people die due to that disease which is high among all other diseases, some due to tobacco, alcohol, severe exposure to radiation and infections. The percentage in developing countries is very high and genetics play an important role. However, certain types can be prevented with precautions including smoking, appropriate weight, less intake of alcohol and eating vegetables. List of world cancer rates by country is stated in this blog.

Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Cancer

  • Local and Systemic Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Role of Genetics
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Initially it starts without symptoms and signs grows with the time. However, some symptoms are specific and they are easily diagnosed. Some types show symptoms at early stages like lungs, colorectal or ulceration cancer. Systemic symptoms include unintentional weight loss, fatigue, fever, liver and kidney failure. However, highest cancer rates are due to environmental, infectious and genetic based. Genetics plays an important role in the formation. Some types are diagnosed with proper screening and initial blood tests. There are many treatments available for rising world cancer rates by country with the help of medication and surgery.

Top 10 Countries with highest Cancer Rates in the World

Rank Country Name Cancer Rate per 100,000 people
1  Denmark  344.67
2  France  332.85
3  Australia  327.73
4  Belgium  325.63
5  Norway  321.46
6  United States  319.62
7  Ireland  314.95
8  South Korea  310.49
9  Netherlands  308.72
10  Slovenia  299.51

Q: Which country has the highest cancer rates in the world?

Denmark has the highest cancer rates in the world. People have high cigarette and alcohol consumption rates. These unhealthy practices are the major causes of diseases. People have alarming diseases in the country. Diagnosing early can be safer for life but it is most difficult to diagnose. Denmark has high class hospitals and doctors to checkup the diseases. Diagnosing in Denmark has good record to cure the people from that deadly disease.


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