Top 10 Countries with highest Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions


carbon dioxide emissions by countryCarbon Dioxide is crucial for humans to live on earth. We cannot see it as it has no color or shape. It is produced naturally in many methods which we cannot stop e.g. humans take oxygen and leave out CO2. Every carbon item is joined with two oxygen items to make carbon dioxide gas. Highest annual carbon dioxide emissions belongs to some countries. About 8 billion people are using electricity and fuels to run machines, transportation and industries for their personal or organizational benefit. These efforts omit CO2 which are mixed into the environment. The main cause of these omissions is the industrial revolution which is the major CO2 emitter department due to fuel burning. A high ratio of CO2 gas in a closed place can heart the human.

Disadvantages of highest annual carbon dioxide emissions

  • Cause for Global warming
  • Temperature is badly increased
  • Decrease oxygen level in atmosphere
  • Injurious for living beings
  • Environment and earth is suffered
  • Causing increase in sea level due to ice melting
  • Badly effect on Ozone layer
  • Reaction on human body health

CO2 emissions can be controlled by using scientific techniques to overcome bad effects. Use of less danger gas creating materials can be appreciated. Companies and Industries can reduce the carbon items by stocking it into separate stations. As global warming is unfriendly for humans which can be reduce with the help of planting trees in large amount. Because trees absorb carbon and reveals oxygen which is better for humans.

Top 10 Countries with highest Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Rank Country Name Emissions (kt)
1  China  10,332,620
2  USA  5,304,370
3  India  2,073,850
4  Russia  1,806,580
5  Japan  1,363,230
6  Germany  841,850
7  South Korea  632,930
8  Canada  553,520
9  Indonesia  513,670
10  Saudi Arabia  497,450

Q: Which country has the highest Carbon Dioxide Emissions?

China is the highest annual carbon dioxide emissions country in the world. These top 10 nations unitedly emit 70% of the world emissions which are disturbing the environment badly. There are no such strict restrictions for these emitter which are creating troubles for the humans. After some decades temperature with rise and humans will face much problems. Fuel is consuming in high amount in these countries with highest annual carbon dioxide emissions which are alarming the world atmosphere.

carbon dioxide emissions by country765


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