Top 10 Countries with highest Abortion Rate


Countries with highest Abortion Rate43Abortion is the process of stopping the pregnancy of female. It leads to an end of human life which even does not born. Highest abortion rate countries mostly belongs to less religious nations. Abortion is the medical process discussed in many situations. It is banned in many countries mostly in the Muslim world. But most of the countries have given the permission to that medical process. Laws explained that every woman has their rights of giving birth to a baby or might not. Organizations in legal way provide services to females to not getting pregnant without desire. Medical and surgical are the two medical treatments mostly used by people. Pills are the timely used treatment within few weeks. But being pregnant for couple of months cannot be stopped by pills. In that condition, a minor medical operation is the only way. Other than Muslim countries, abortion is the legal term of use. Muslims believe that babies are the blessing of God. And abortion leads to killing the human being which should be punished. But as per other nations whether their religion does allow that but think that it’s the women basic right. According to figures more than 60 million abortions are made each year. Family planning departments are increased during the 20th century. List of abortion rates by country is mentioned here in a table.

Top 10 Countries with highest Abortion Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Total Abortions
1  China  7,932,459
2  Russia  2,288,642
3  Vietnam  1,525,837
4  USA  1,369,423
5  Ukraine  637,593
6  Belarus  498,473
7  Bulgaria  207,591
8  Hungary  196,482
9  Czech Republic  102,836
10  Romania  89,372

Q: Which country has the highest abortion rate in the world?

China has the highest abortion rates by country in the world. Chinese people have the freedom in their life. Laws allows them to make abortions. As we know that China is the most populated country in the world. Government strictly noticed that one couple only should have 1 baby. Chinese government declared that a legal use and provide service for its promotion. The main purpose of that terminology is to stop increasing population. If the increase in population growth was not stopped, china will become the population bomb. In that perspective they promoted the family planning and abortion for people.


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