Top 10 Countries with Cleanest Water Source


cleanest water sourceWater is the basic need for humans. We need to understand that what is the importance of cleanest water source for drinking? As 60 percent of human body is consist of it and it is the most necessary element on the earth for every living being. It maintains the whole systems of the human body and have the most priority against other things on the earth. Rivers and lakes are the main source. Countries are getting these advantages which they have naturally gifted. Cleanest water systems do not disturb the human health. But dirty containing supplies damage the cells of the body that after some time convert into disease. Thousands of people die every day due to dirty supply systems. Filtration systems are somehow providing the clean water but less developed and poor countries have very bad systems for public. Management authorities have the duty to provide the pure and clean water. Advance nations have hold best supply system for people in cities and towns. Wastage is further processed for reusability. And we should keep in mind that cleanest water source in the world is the sign of health. They remain cool, healthy and smart.

Top 10 Countries with Cleanest Water Source in the World

Rank Country Name Capital
1  Switzerland  Bern
2  Sweden  Stockholm
3  Norway  Oslo
4  New Zealand  Wellington
5  Austria  Vienna
6  Finland  Helsinki
7  Costa Rica  San Jose
8  Latvia  Riga
9  Colombia  Bogota
10  France  Paris

Q: Which country has the cleanest tap water in the world?

Switzerland has the best quality tap water in the world. Waste is purified by latest methods of science. Switzerland is naturally beautiful. Rivers, lakes and mountains are the main source of quality tap. Management departments are highly successful to keep the people safer from getting disease. Switzerland is known for its clean environment and green fields which attracts the tourists.


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