Top 10 Countries with best Education System in the World


best education system in the worldEducation is the name of getting knowledge and skills to sharp their mind in different fields of life. There can be different methods of getting knowledge e.g. learning in institutions, practical work and researches. Educational institutes provide best learning environment to promote their quality skills. Study provides information and instruction to ensure work practice about any discipline. These instruction and information are taken from school, college and university in stepwise. These make a person sensible and powerful to do things by own. It is the main competition in the world to provide education to the people to get benefits from them. Countries with best education system are the most powerful and famous due to their achievements and discoveries. Educated nations have developed their countries to the peaks and getting all facilities.

The Structure of a Formal Best Education System in the world

  • Early years
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher
  • Professional Practical Work
  • Special Needs Education

Early childhood education is originally based on literacy. Later it become professional skill for development. Best education system in the world make strong base of childhood students which later show high abilities in the higher works. Men and women have equal right to get education in every society. Economic growth has a big impact from educational level of the nation.

Top 10 Countries with best Education System in the World

Rank Country Name System Index
1  Japan  90.72
2  South Korea  89.76
3  United Kingdom  88.93
4  Singapore  88.67
5  Russia  88.31
6  Finland  87.96
7  Canada  87.64
8  Netherlands  86.47
9  Ireland  85.58
10  Israel  84.80

Q: Which country has the best education system in the world?

Japan has the best education system in the world. Educational staff and structure has the main value for best education system. Stages and syllabus are defined properly to ensure the destination and level. They have the best school environment for the children to develop their minds in the own fields. Students from different areas want to study in Japan due to best quality of learning system. They produce the leader and inventors of new technologies.


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