Top 10 Countries with the most Serial Killers


serial killers in the worldA person who commits more than or equal to three murders is called the serial killer. Many departments and countries have their own different aspects but as per common analysis serial murderers commit at least 3 murder. Most of the abnormal persons are involved in the series. They use drugs to shut down their emotions for humans. Pity does belong to them. Many people hire the criminals to clean their way toward the success. These activities are their earning method. Killers demand high amounts for executions. World has an alarming stage of crime and people have strange behavior to each other. Most of killers are also involved in the rapes. Men rape the victim and kill her. That behavior has made many serial killers. They take the benefit and then remove the evidence. Robbers have also the same condition, to remove the evidence they kill the people. These criminal activities highly disturb the peace in the society. Females are also involved in these activities. Mostly prostitutes take advantages by harassing the people. At next level, they kill the people at regular series for getting money. In Germany, a story is told that a man has killed 1,000 people in his lifetime. That story seem to be unreal but it was happened in real. That mystery was revealed after the death of murderer. List of serial killers by country is here.

Top 10 Countries with the most Serial Killers in the World

Rank Country Name Serial killers
1  United States of America  2,754
2  England  149
3  South Africa  118
4  Canada  107
5  Italy  101
6  Japan  93
7  Germany  78
8  Australia  75
9  Russia  73
10  India  72

Q: Which country has the most serial killers in the world?

United States has most serial killers by country. Crime figures shows that 2,754 people killed 3 or more persons. In fact it was started from United States. Every single hour cause murder activity. Businessman hire individuals from other countries to do their job. They are highly paid for criminal activities. FBI find evidence to reach at the criminals.


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