Top 10 Countries with highest Homicide Rate in the World


Countries with highest Homicide RateHomicide is human death caused by another human action. It would be homicide whether it was aimed to kill or killed by chance without having plan. Highest homicide rate countries are mostly from America and Africa. Life of human is very precious for the future of a nation if anyone harm, he or she must be punished. Homicidal actions are categorized into many types. Murdering someone with or without any equipment indicates homicide. Murders have further few situation. Planned and unplanned murders both are homicide methods. Wars are also lead to kill humans in the battle field. In fact any method in which humans are killed by other humans. So, the methods can be different as per the situation and time. Abortion which is not illegal in many countries but it is a homicidal case. It takes a life of baby before having birth. All of homicide action are not crime. Killing the murderer in response to self-defense is not crime but it is homicidal incident. List of most homicidal countries in the world are mentioned in the table below.

Top 10 Countries with highest Homicide Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Homicides/100,000 per year
1  Honduras  90.64
2  El Salvador  68.27
3  Jamaica  50.84
4  Venezuela  42.37
5  Belize  40.52
6  Guatemala  38.74
7  Saint Kitts and Nevis  36.37
8  Trinidad and Tobago  35.83
9  Colombia  32.63
10  South Africa  30.48

Q: Which country has the highest homicide rate in the world?

Honduras has the highest homicide rate statistics in the world. People have no human nature to respect each other. Homicidal activities are the proof of most dangerous nation to live and survive. Murdering and robbing others to get the benefits are at the highest levels in the society. Gang wars disturbs the humans and accidentally kill many people.


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