Top 10 Countries with highest Deforestation Rate in the World


deforestation rate by countryDeforestation rate is the ratio of cutting trees to a specific area. Environmentally trees are very important for humans. These are the natural resource for humans to get the oxygen and fresh air. But wood is also required by people to make furniture and home construction. Cutting wood cannot be fully stopped due to its necessity. Timber market holders have vast business to supply the wood to industries. A large ratio of deforestation is damaging the environment for living things specially the wildlife. Forests are being removed and wildlife is dying to settle themselves. That deforested land is further used for many purposes including commercial and civil constructions. Now about 30 percent of land is covered with trees which is gradually decreasing. According to a survey more than 7 million acres of forests are yearly removed. As we have analyze that wood is basic need, so if people cut the wood then government must need to plant new trees. World deforestation rate by country is mentioned in the table below.

Top 10 Countries with highest Deforestation Rate in the World

Rank Country Name Deforestation rate
1  Malaysia  14.47%
2  Paraguay  10.15%
3  Indonesia  8.71%
4  Guatemala  8.36%
5  Cambodia  7.28%
6  Nicaragua  6.98%
7  Finland  6.53%
8  Sweden  6.41%
9  Portugal  5.71%
10  Laos  5.42%

Q: Which country has the highest deforestation rate in the world?

Malaysia has the highest deforestation rate in the world. In the last few years Malaysia has removed their 14.47 percent of forests. That deforestation process is coming from the independence day of Malaysia. Timber market has high demand for manufacturing home use things.


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