Top 10 Countries with the highest Average IQ


Countries with the highest Average IQAn intelligence quotient (IQ) is the measuring scale of human intelligence level based on different subjects. These are systematized series of tests conducted by authorized department to gather the highest average IQ. These tests results the sensing age power and intelligence level of individuals. According to a recently conducted IQ tests most of the population IQ levels are between 80 and 110. Small average population is above 110 and below 80. Best education system countries have high sensing power due to their quality study environment. Americans and Europeans have high ratio to super intelligence level. Most of the Africans are still below the average intelligence rate. Asian are progressing fast to compete the high intelligence quotient people of the world. Freedom of sense and actions is the first thing to do to enhance the nation. After that good education system can give them a way to catch the luxuries. At that point highest IQ level people arouse to invent the luxuries. List of highest IQ level country in the world is described in this post.

Top 10 Countries with the highest Average IQ

Rank Country Name Average IQ Level
1  Hong Kong  108.47
2  South Korea  107.23
3  Japan  106.84
4  Taiwan  105.73
5  Singapore  105.45
6  Netherlands  104.86
7  Italy  104.39
8  Germany  103.98
9  Austria  103.35
10  Switzerland  102.17

Q: Which country has the highest IQ level in the world?

Hong Kong has the highest average IQ level in the world. Government provide quality school education at the beginner level. That highly established education system leads the people to score high IQ rate. Their citizens are intelligent traders and businessman. Hong Kong had scored top class which is very difficult to achieve by other countries in near future.


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