Top 10 Countries with highest Alcohol Consumption


Countries with highest Alcohol ConsumptionAlcohol is the colorless liquid. It is made with the process of fermentation. Converting the sugar elements into alcoholic products is done by the fermentation method. Wine and beer are also made under that process. Many other drinks have that mixture. Knowing that which country has the most expensive alcohol and how much they consume is typical debate. Different types of alcoholic products are consumed. But measuring the total stats, per capita highest alcohol consumption is the best technique. Pure products are very hard to drink other than chain drunker. Most of the wine and beer is mixed with energy drinks to decrease the alcoholic drunkenness. Europe and American countries have the highest ratio in beer and wine consumption in the world.

Muslims have banned the drug addicting things. These addicting products cause bad effects on human fitness and feelings. Poisoned chemicals mixed with drugs leads to death. More than 4 million people die due to heavy alcohol drinking. And that habit is still increasing in European countries. Worse use is very dangerous for health. Many countries have no awareness in their people to safe use of wine and beer. World Health organization has published a report about alcohol consumption by country in the world.

Top 10 Countries with highest Alcohol Consumption

Rank Country Name Liters per Capita per Year
1  Estonia  13.78
2  Austria  13.54
3  France  12.63
4  Ireland  12.41
5  Czech Republic  12.27
6  Hungary  12.18
7  Portugal  11.89
8  Spain  11.53
9  Germany  11.37
10  Belgium  10.91

Q: Which country has the highest alcohol consumption in the world?

Estonia drinks the most beer and wine. As per capita figures show that estonia consume 13.78 liters per year. Affects are clear as more than 20 percent of deaths in Estonia cause due to alcohol drinking. Couple of years ago Estonia was increasing wine and beer consumption but now it is decreasing due to its unhealthy affects. Austria and France are also high alcohol drinking countries in the world.


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