Top 10 Banana Producing Countries in the World


banana producing countries in the worldBanana is a fruit product which is basically delivered in the Asia and Africa yet it is likewise cooked in some range of the world. Most of the leading banana producing countries are from Asia and Africa. Bananas are in 4 mixed bags in different places and developed in diverse size and color like yellow, green and red. World banana production leads to the most fruit productivity. Bananas are usually 4 to 9 inch long and very nearly 2 inch width. Its tree has no wood like other trees. People use exceptional packs to cover the fruit product to stay away from distinctive sort of diseases. Fruit products are grown in group fasten on the top around 100 in every bundle. Every variety has its own particular yellow cover, to secure the food. Bananas are rich of calories, fiber, supplement, carbs, nourishment, vitamins, potassium and protein. High banana producing countries have extremely shoddy to purchase and cultivated in all seasons. An excessive amount of eating of can bring about weight increase; one banana day by day is no issue. All the organic products are rich of calories, nourishment and vitamins which can foundation for overweight issue.

Modern banana production in the world

  • Cavendish cultivation
  • Harvesting
  • Ripen the green ones
  • Transported to markets

Highest banana producing countries have rich fruit for health. Accommodating to control misery, give vitality, control muscles agony, make solid bones with vitality, reduce the swelling of body, power in blood, keep up low circulatory strain, useful for eyes, boost up memory and weight reduction. Additionally utilized for hostile to maturing, best smooth skin, delicate legs & foot and long hair & sparkle. Utilization to control heart assault, evacuate blockage, legitimately process the sustenance from the body and insides stay ordinary. It provide cell reinforcements, which prevent diverse infections from people. Largest banana producer in the world have strong market with less charges. Bananas are utilized for skin and hair issues. It evacuates kidney tumor, glucose, high fever, asthma, nerve & stomach issue, push in the body, unfavorable susceptibilities, smoking propensity, skin break out, wrinkles and loose bowels. A list of world banana production by country is established by our team to analyze the figures of what country produces the most bananas.

Top 10 Banana Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Million Tonnes
1  India  29.82
2  China  11.64
3  Uganda  11.23
4  Philippines  9.45
5  Ecuador  8.24
6  Brazil  7.65
7  Indonesia  6.34
8  Colombia  5.27
9  Cameroon  4.94
10  Tanzania  4.08

Q: Which is the highest banana producer country in the world?

India has the first rank in the list of banana producing countries in the world, delivers around 29.8 million tons. They having numerous assortments like little and extensive bananas. Uganda, China and Philippines are additionally the largest banana producer in the world.

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