Top 10 Aluminum Producing Countries in the World


aluminum producing countries worldwideAluminum is the important and one of most use metal which is produced after a specific process. It does not found in pure form to use as strong metal. Aluminum producing countries have a wide range of industrial production of tools and products for humans use. Bauxites are the main resource which are found from the mountains. Alumina is the most abundant metal on the earth. Firstly bauxites are found from mountains and crushed in a high pressure. Then the plants refine these bauxite in refinery and make the alumina. Caustic soda is used to separate the alumina from the bauxite material. Then it is filtered. They provide heat and convert into a white powder form which is the pure form of alumina. List of world aluminum production by country is established to show the complete figures.

Aluminum production in the world

  • Bauxite mining
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Electricity in production process
  • Anode and cathodes of carbon

After that process we get the liquid form it. That liquid is now put into cells and make the required things like cycle, chairs and home use dishes etc. Largest aluminum producers in the world develop motors and electronic to export in high amounts. Industry has a big use for making vehicles parts. Electronic devices are mostly made of alumina which is the perfect metal for nano-development. Defected parts can be easily recycled to new shapes. Packaging of liquid form eating materials are made with it. House hold item like dishes and other items are also made of it.

Top 10 Aluminum Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Thousand Tonnes
1  China  23,475
2  Russia  3,634
3  Canada  3,145
4  UAE  2,474
5  India  2,135
6  US  1,785
7  Australia  1,763
8  Norway  1,284
9  Brazil  971
10  Bahrain  942
Total  World  50,000

Q: Which country is the largest producer of aluminum in the world?

China has the first rank in the list of aluminum producing countries in the world. They have much reserves to take out the bauxites and process them into plants to get necessary things for human use. Aluminium is one of the highest used metal.

aluminum producing countries in the world


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