Top 10 Advanced Robotics Technology Countries in the World


Advanced Robotics Technology 2Robots are instructed hardware machines which acts like humans. Mostly are developed for special purposes. Instructions are stored in their memory by developers to act on given orders. They can hear, talk, walk and perform actions. They never tired of work like humans. Advanced robotics technology countries have developed many machines that can be used to facilitate the humans. But new advancements are being made to compete the humanity. Humans are used to perform the labor works but in near future robots will beat them. At that stage robots are less intelligent than humans. Humans are smarter. But scientists are working to develop the super intelligent robots that beat the human’s in intelligence level. Many researchers asked artificial intelligence experts about robots advancements. Some said that in near future robots will take over the humans. But others said there is no guarantee of time but it can beat humans. Surprisingly another group of experts said machines can never beat the humans in intelligence. List of advanced robotics technology nations is established in this post.

Main components of advanced robots

  • Actuators
  • Sensors
  • Operation utilization
  • Movement
  • Measuring Objects and humans

Scientists were still in confusion about machines. So, they again conducted a survey based on time that when will machines became the super intelligent. After that survey the results were strongly acceptable. Artificial Intelligence Experts committed that in 2040, the machines will become equal to humans in intelligence. And after 2060 machines will surprisingly beat the human in the race of intelligence. Machines will become the super intelligent. Robots will be running in streets. Highly weapon intelligent machines will be used in wars for defense.

Top 10 Advanced Robotics Technology Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Robots/10,000 people
1  South Korea  359
2  Japan  347
3  Germany  266
4  Italy  263
5  Sweden  159
6  Denmark  149
7  Unites States  143
8  Spain  137
9  Finland  135
10  Taiwan  132

Q: Which country has the most advanced robotics technology?

South Korea has the most advanced robotics technology in the world. About 25 companies are developing the robots based on intelligence. South Korea has the best Programming and Electrical industry to move toward the next stage. Their IQ level is very high for such developments. After 2010 the artificial intelligence became the demanding department. South Korea worked for more than 30 years to reach at that stage. Production level is still increasing and advancements are being made to make the robots super intelligent.

Advanced Robotics Technology


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