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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for www.worldknowing.com

At this website privacy policy is extremely noticed. That privacy policy page will tell you that how our website www.worldknowing.com uses your personal data that is received from your side. There are many types, when www.worldknowing.com receives data from users.

By using our website you should know and agree with the policy terms which I have mentioned below.

Information Collection and Use

While you are using my Site, you will see comment section under each post. There is also a Contact Us Page. These both will be asking for some information including First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Message. That is asked to contact and identify you.

Log Files

When you visit my Site, your browser send information related you. Like all other website, www.worldknowing.com also stores that information. That shows your interest on website.

That information includes your IP address and browser details. It also store your activity on the website including, posts and pages you have viewed with date and time, and time spend on website. Google Analytics and Histats.com are also used to get the users information.


Cookie is the data stored by the browser to your computer from the website. These are users preferences that they visit regularly. Cookies load that stored data fast. My website, www.worldknowing.com use cookies to store your data for better experience.

You can also disable cookies from your browser. But if you disable cookies, you might miss many things from my website.


As I have mentioned above that my website collect data from users. Then the security and protection is important for us to keep you safe. But you have to believe that no internet and website is 100% secure. So, you have to be self protected. We protect your personal information but it is not 100% guaranteed.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

As I am the owner of this website, so I have to right to change the privacy policy at any time. So, you need to check that page regularly and if there are any changes then you have to agree with them. If I make a major changes then we will notify you through email or a noticeboard.

Contact Us

I have explained all the things related privacy policy but if you have any question or queries about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at idreeskhan.niazi@gmail.com