List of Top 10 most Dangerous Countries in the World


most dangerous countriesDanger is the unpleasant or unknown activity that can harm and create problems for the humans. Nations are getting educated and building their lifestyles to create peace in the society. Most dangerous countries and less educated nations have small power level so the evil power do not let them live in peace. These evil powers want to snatch their resources to live luxurious lives. Most dangerous countries in the world have very low use of resources even though they have rich land. They have outer interferences from other countries. People are migrating from dangerous nation to the safe areas for better life. These nation have to strong their defense system and knowledge level to understand their original enemy. Some people say that we would not go to these most dangerous countries but I would say that these nations are very kind full to humans. These are strongly violenced from the outsiders to snatch resources.

Attributes of most Dangerous Countries

  • Civil war
  • Bomb blasting
  • Religious conflicts
  • Other nations interferences
  • Armed conflicts
  • Different anti-state groups
  • Crime activities
  • Violent crackdowns
  • Poor human rights
  • Unstable country structure

Internal war conflicts between different groups are the main violence creating activates in many Muslim countries. These groups are on the base of religion or any other cause. Global Peace Index update their list of most peaceful and most dangerous countries in the world. Measuring the danger of any nations is very challenging. Institute of Economic and Peace judge different parameters of all the countries and figure out list of most dangerous countries. According to that department Iceland is the safest nation.

List of Top 10 most Dangerous Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Danger Index
1  Syria  87.35
2  Iraq  60.74
3  Afghanistan  58.34
4  Palestine  55.93
5  South Sudan  50.61
6  Central African Republic  45.85
7  Somalia  43.59
8  Sudan  40.91
9  Congo  36.60
10  North Korea  34.48

Q: Which is the most dangerous country in the world?

Syria is the most dangerous country to live and visit. Civil war is the main reason of violence. Country is divided into multiple groups on the base of religion and other aspects. Many countries are interfering in the civil war of Syria. Originally it is the war to occupying the resources and the land. Bomb blasting and rocket firing is common in that unpleasant area of Muslims. Protest against the government and reactions on these protests has created much disturbance in the society. National administration has been fully collapsed because major constructions have been destructed and occupied by rebels and other groups.

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