Top 10 most Corrupt Countries in the World


most corrupt countries in the worldCorruption is the unlawful method to acquire cash from distinctive fields. Most corrupt countries have the unprincipled and incapable ruling system to control the nation. Each country has bad and good people. Bad people take the wrong method for acquiring money through corruption where they can get more sum from others. It is the unethical way of getting money by demolishing the rights of community. Highest corruption rate individuals and departments absolutely pulverize the nation. They take the others rights by debasement. They only think about their own benefits which can grow their income whether taking the others rights. Lawmaker, political leaders, administrative, organization holders, establishments and other rich individuals don’t give the administration charges, so the advancement and improvement of nation stops. These are also involved in the corruption of money and resources inside the country and by taking loans from outsiders. World corruption ranking can be measured on different scales. Highly authorized departments of nation has the highest scale. Small communities have little resources to do corruption. List of world corruption ranking by country is stated in this post.

Highest corruption rate methods

  • Bribery and Fraud
  • Stealing and theft
  • Demanding money with menaces
  • Personal relationships

Legislative, Executive and Judiciary are the three main departments of any country to control. Different anti-corruption programs are made to overcome the most corrupt countries. Poor countries have the highest level of defraud in their society. In reality it’s the hierarchy in the world as rich countries defraud poor nations. And country with highest corruption rate defraud their citizens. Many posters like in Africa and other countries written as say no to corruption are mentioned in the streets. In reality nation rulers make fool their citizens.

Top 10 most Corrupt Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Score
1  Somalia  8.63
2  North Korea  9.04
3  Sudan  11.84
4  Afghanistan  12.56
5  South Sudan  15.72
6  Iraq  16.54
7  Turkmenistan  17.47
8  Uzbekistan  17.93
9  Libya  18.34
10  Eritrea  18.40

Q: Which is the most corrupt country in the world?

Somalia has the first rank in the list of most corrupt countries on the planet as indicated by the distinctive department’s defilement score. Mogadishu is the capital city. Somalia is the most hazardous city as the individuals have private weapons use. Slaughtering, burglarizing, defilement, battling are the primary disadvantages which are accessible in the general public. North Korea, Myanmar and Afghanistan are likewise most degenerate countries.

most corrupt countries


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