Top 10 Atomic Power Countries in the World


Atomic power countries are the most powerful in the world. These have many disadvantage and advantages in case of defense, peace and war. World best atomic power countries have the modern nuclear weapons which can destroy the whole world. All nations afraid from advanced countries and they don’t attack on them.

Firstly USA became the nuclear power than other nations copied their formula. Now all strongest nuclear powers in the world are producing electricity from nuclear power plants. They can also produce new machinery to develop their country. But, it can also damage the whole humanity.

It can kill the billions of people in just a minute with one button. American president carry an atomic ball with him every time to launch their bombs any time in emergency. There are many countries that have the title of strongest nuclear powers in the world.

List of world’s top nuclear power countries is mentioned.

Atomic Power
Atomic Power

Atomic power countries are categorized into

  • NPT nuclear powers
  • Non-NPT nuclear powers
  • Undeclared Nuclear Powers

But there is Israel which has the ability but they did not show. Other countries have used in wars or just experiment the blast on empty place to show their power, but Israel is unannounced. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Turkey are getting shared weapons from USA. USA is giving them atomic weapons for their defense and as ally. Iran, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Belarus and Ukraine are also working on advance weapons.

Top 10 Atomic Power Countries in the World

Rank Country Name Warheads
1  United States  4,805
2  Russia  4,482
3  France  303
4  China  260
5  United kingdom  227
6  Pakistan  125
7  India  112
8  Israel  80
9  North Korea  10
10  Iran  —

Q: Which is the biggest atomic power country in the world?

USA has the first rank in the list of world best atomic power countries. There are many wars fought between different countries and there was also the use of atomic bombs like USA blast their bombs on Japan in WW2. These blasts had destroyed the two cities of Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Which were totally destroyed and even now babies born with some problems of body. These weapons have long time effect on the blasted areas.


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