7 Countries With Largest Army In The World


Army is a group of people including male and female. Largest Army countries are the most powerful. It operate under the General which is the Head of all to control. It is the fighting force that fights on land.

Soldiers are well trained for any difficulty with wearing a specific uniform. It is a main power and defense of country and it is the source of showing power and strength. It is used to secure the border from the outsiders to get in illegally or attack the nation.

There are three main departments where force is required army, navy and air. These all forces are very important but land force has very major character. There are many wars fought in different countries and largest army countries have advantage over them.

Most populated countries like China and India have more resources of people to join military and secure his country. Clashes between many parties like Taliban can destroy the country.

These can damage the common people and famous personalities. Military can take notice and fight against them to make them human.

List of strongest army in the world is stated in this article.

Main Ranks of Army

  • General of the Armies
  • General of the Army
  • General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major General
  • Brigadier General

Many natural problems are also affecting the people including flood, earthquake, storm and disease etc. Countries with largest army used to rescue the people from danger. Floods are common in different countries which take place regularly and disturbing people. But armies take a main role helping the people and getting them into safe place. These floods can be controlled but earthquakes are from the God they must destroy the people and people stuck down in the building.

If we think about it a little, the fact that countries that are supposedly talking about promoting peace, should have these huge armies ready to start a war should raise some suspicions.

That’s why I think it’s worth keeping track and see if the countries with the largest armies in the world really have peaceful intentions or are waiting for any opportunity to demonstrate their power and start a Third World War.

1. China

China army
China army

As expected, China has the largest army in the world , with 2 285 000 soldiers, representing less than 0.17% of its population. Seen like that, it does not seem so big, right?

2. United States

US army
US army

Since it has only two borders, one with Canada and the other with Mexico, does the United States need 1 429 995 soldiers ? Perhaps if they stopped meddling in the affairs of the whole world, they would not need such a large army.

3. India

India Army
India Army

After analyzing the history of India , whose country seems to have always been coveted by foreign powers, it is not strange that today it has the third largest army in the world, with 1,325,000 troops. Just in case …

4. North Korea

North Korea
North Korea

What is not reasonable at all is to have an army of 1 106 000 soldiers when you have a territory as small as North Korea , and with a population that does not reach 26 million inhabitants.

5. Russia

Russia Army
Russia Army

If we take into account its large size, its huge population, its history and the large number of borders it has, we will probably find that having 1 027 000 soldiers is actually quite reasonable for Russia .

6. South Korea

South Korea Army
South Korea Army

Another country that has a fairly large army compared to its territory is South Korea , which has 687,000 troops. It could even have an even bigger army, but because it has the support of the United States , it can afford to have a smaller army than North Korea , its bellicose neighbor.

7. Pakistan

Pakistan Army
Pakistan Army

The Pakistan army has 617,000 troops, enough people to fill a medium-sized city. The reason that such a small country has such a large army are the constant problems it has with its neighbors.

List of Top 7 Country with Largest Army in the World

Rank Country Name Troops
1 China 2,285,000
2 United States 1,429,995
3 India 1,325,000
4 North Korea 1,106,000
5 Russia 1,027,000
6 South Korea 687,000
7 Pakistan 617,000

Q: Which country has the largest army in the world?

China has the strongest army in the world about 2,362,463. Most of them are practicing in Taiwan and other islands near China. They have no attack strategies to occupy other nation. They are only concentrating on their own national defense from others invasions. USA, India, North Korea and Russia have also strongest army in the world. These numbers are of the registered persons for defense.


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