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Professions With Highest Divorce Rates in UK, US, Australia & Canada

This list highlights the 10 professions with the highest divorce rates, a complex issue. To develop the list, the intention was to cover the professions with the highest divorce rates in the world, but unfortunately, there was no luck in finding the sources since there are no global statistics on that.

The statistics found are based on data from the United States Census, and have been removed from the Business Insider. There was an attempt to find newer statistics and other possible sources to combine, but we were not lucky in finding them.

We found another study, also based on data from the US Census, but covering divorce rates only for people under the age of 30.

Now, how does stress at work affect a relationship? Obviously, it must affect one way or another. But, an interesting observation is that among the most stressful jobs are some of the noblest professions, for example, the fireman. So, there must be something about it.

Divorce Rates in UK,USA,Canada,Australia

10 Professions With Highest Divorce Rates – the UK, US, Australia & Canada

RankProfessionDivorce Rate
1Dancers and choreographers43.05%
4Playroom worker34.66%
5Extrusion Machine Operator32.74%
6Gaming Service Worker31.35%
7A factory worker, food and tobacco29.78%
8Telephone operators29.30%
9Nursing, psychiatry28.95%
10Entertainment and artists28.49%

1- Dancers and choreographers

Divorce rate 43.05% Artists should have taken at least one place because everyone knows how artists can be something different. Live in your own world, which does not necessarily share the same “rules” that people have in the common world. And they are often considered as more liberal, open, and sometimes even crazy.

And, also, many times they are celebrities adored by millions of fans. Live in the center of attention. As for the dancers, well, people are very aware of their physical appearance. Thus, all these temptations testify to the credibility of this study that presented the professions that people should avoid if they wish to have a lasting marriage. It is important not to understand this matter in a radical, rigid way, since exceptions are everywhere, and all people are unique, regardless of the profession.

2- Barman

Divorce rate 38.43% Drinks, parties, so many new people every day. An infinity of possibilities to flirt. And believing or not, this is also one of the most stressful occupations. As the article points out, simply imagine simply dealing with drunk people every night.

3- Masseurs

Divorce rate 38.22% It seems that touching the naked body of other people, other than the husband or wife, every day, can generate serious consequences. Most masseurs get divorced because they end up having an affair with one of their clients. When someone asks for a quick massage on the shoulders, this can be very tiring. And it usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. Now, just imagine how tired a job this professional massage therapist is.

4- Playroom worker

Divorce rate 34.66% Vices, again. Everything that has already been said for a game service worker is applicable to this similar profession, that is, the booth worker.

5- Extrusion Machine Operator

Divorce Rate 32.74% There is no certainty of the reason the extrusion machine operators are among the professions with the highest divorce rates, however, the extrusion machine operator is in the fifth position in this selection.

6- Gaming Service Worker

Divorce Rate 31.35% People who work in these types of places are probably a specific profile, one attracted to risks and money. Surrounded by emotion all the time, perhaps normal routine family life represents great boredom.

7- Factory worker, food and tobacco

Divorce rate 29.78% This definitely has something to do with boredom and money. It is unlikely that there are so many factory workers who are completely satisfied with their jobs and salary. All this leads to dissatisfaction, and stress, which eventually spread into other aspects of their lives. It is not surprising that this profession is seventh in this list, of the 10 professions with the highest divorce rates.

8- Telephone operators

Divorce rate 29.30% Another tedious job? Or maybe the telephony operators have impressive capabilities communicating, making them good players, what could be a 2-edged knife.

9- Nursing, psychiatry

Divorce rate 28.95% Everyone knows how difficult and stressful work is in the health sector. People who work in this field have a serious job, taking care of someone’s health, few free hours, often being so tired of preferred activities, which makes it difficult to maintain a healthy balance of life and family.

10- Entertainment and artists

Divorce rate 28.49% Perhaps because living in the center of attention generates a lot of pressure, or maybe because of so many temptations in the form of attractive fans willing to do anything for their idols, thus, these professionals they are in the tenth position in this top 10, of the 10 professions with the highest divorce rates.

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