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The Highest Crime Rate Cities in the UK

Every well-settled businessmen and entrepreneurs wanna live in UK cause of its beauty, richness, luxuriousness and many other things which we will discuss in this blog post and everyone should be aware of the worst part, the highest crime rates cities in the UK.

The United Kingdom is the well-known and reputed country in the world, the UK consists of four countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Crime is that the brutal act of disturbance within the society, it’s against the laws of the state. Highest rate cities within the UK are relatively less peaceful than others. the govt has the local department to beat these inhuman actions.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

10 Most Highest Crime Rate Cities in the UK

The UK has some brutal activities in the past which are still answerable. In 2013, the brutality was on the height. Murdering of ladies was common as 164 women killed in Great Britain within the single year.

These sisters, mothers, wives, and neighbors of the many people. Highest rate cities within the UK currently below the management of the most effective police system. As there are not any restrictions for male and feminine to become friends within the UK. 86 out of 164 killed by their male friends or husbands.

These engaged closely with one another. Killers blocked in jail for murder. Once the worth of husband and woman has no respect then society destroys.

Most Dangerous Places of United Kingdom to Live

List of UK rate figures is mentioned during this page.

United Kingdom rate has an unknown worry of life. Murdering isn’t simply the act of crime. It may be any activity that harms the individuals. There are many other countries honest manner simply because of the less rate. for instance, they’ll visit the picnic points and might head to faculties with none worry. and therefore the community encompasses a superb perspective and social ethics.

RankCity NameCrime Index
1 Milton Keynes 64.74
2 Leeds 52.35
3 Manchester 51.23
4 Nottingham 49.47
5 London 48.67
6 Belfast 47.51
7 Glasgow 47.14
8 Newcastle Upon Tyne 46.38
9 Birmingham 45.62
10 Liverpool 43.83

Q: Which City Has The Highest Crime Rate in the UK?

Milton Keynes has 1st within the list of highest rate cities within the United Kingdom. Burglary and theft are the daily routine criminal’s activities. The murder of girls has a foul result on the social rights of humans. a real faith offers the simplest life living strategy that is on the order of God. Government departments, education, and faith have a main character within the society to scale back brutality and violence.


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